Cookies are a file with transmitted information on the site, and this file is stored on the user’s device. The content of cookies does not allow identifying the user and, accordingly, other files are not available on user’s device. Cookies may include the name of the site, date, time, etc., it is assigned a unique number by which it is recognized by the user.

The saved cookies allow the client’s computer to be recognized, thus the client when you visit the site or its section again, it is possible to avoid re-entering data. Cookies improves experience user on the site and is used to help develop the site and make it more user-friendly, to help define and understand user expectations, and to display certain advertisements on various sites of the relevant target audience, based on previous visits to the site.

The user of the service can at any time make changes in the settings regarding cookies. These settings can be changed, enable/disable automatic processing of cookies.

More information about cookies:

  • Cookies are stored in your browser, the files are temporarily stored in the device, the device automatically deletes them after the appropriate time has elapsed.
  • Cookies are stored in your browser, the files are temporarily stored in the device until the user manually deletes them.
  • Analytics Cookies and advertising files from ad servers, their companies and service providers, these files are adapted to the user, his preferences and habits. These files allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising, for example, you can find out how many people clicked on a particular ad and visited the advertiser’s website. These cookies collect information and send it to third parties. For more information, please visit third party websites for more information on the use of cookies.

Information on how visitors can opt out of the cookies used by Google, advertising preferences Google or opt out of third parties service providers used by Cookies, opt out page of the proactive advertising network.

Please note that the cookies used cannot harm your device. For the best user experience and the full functionality of the site, we recommend saving cookies, in which case it is possible make full use of the available content and personalized features of the site.